Fruit and Vegetable Spells

an image of a guarana plant that looks like eyes

Strange and unpredictable spells for veggie lovers; use at your own risk.

Work in progress, objects may have shifted during flight.

# Spell Effect
1 Apple Jack Target apple grows in size and density and can function as a jack to elevate items.
2 Apricot Target apricot grows in size until it can serve as a simple bed.
3 Artichoke Target chokes on a small artichoke now caught in their throat.
4 Arugulag Target bunch of arugula grows into a prison camp.
5 Aspearagus Asparagus stalks thrown by the caster grow into the size, density, and impaling power of spears.
6 Bananarang Target banana can now be thrown as a boomerang (still edible).
7 Beets by Dre Two target beets grow shoots that connect to each other and can be worn over the ears; beets now function as high-quality headphones.
8 Berry Nice Enchant berries so that anyone who eats them is berry amenable to your suggestions.
9 Blackberry is the New Black Target’s clothes transform into woven blackberry vines, leaves and berries
10 Call a Flower Pick up a flower and have a pleasant conversation with another flower anywhere in the world
11 Chard Flesh Transform target’s flesh or outer covering into rainbow chard (with all the fragility and nutrient benefits that provides) or swiss chard (becomes militarily neutral).
12 Cherry Bomb Cherries thrown by the caster explode on impact.
13 Collared Greens Places an unbreakable collar around target green item or creature
14 Cornucopia Target ear of corn gets hotter and hotter until kernels pop, revealing the exact items the caster needs at the momen
15 Cucumbra Target cucumber enlarges to a door size, becoming a portal to the Umbra, land of dreams
16 Don’t Get Carrot Away Target carrot becomes anchored to the spot.
17 Doomsday Pepper Target pepper grows into an impenetrable, indestructible bunker with room for four and provisions to last 2d6 days.
18 Eye Guarana A small area is instantly covered in a fully mature Guarana plant, whose berries open and function as extra eyes for the caster, even after they leave the area.
19 Fig of Your Imagination Target perceives a small, sentient fig doing a strange, distracting dance, just outside their peripheral vision.
20 Grape Idea Target can only think about grapes for 10 minutes, or realize the perfect solution to a predicament, but it must involve grapes.
21 Grapes of Wrath Enchants grapes to instill overwhelming anger in anyone who eats them.
22 Hail a Cabbage Transforms target cabbage into a taxi that will transport the caster and up to 4 others to a destination, for a fee; may get lost or stuck in traffic
23 Jail Celery Target bunch of celery grows in size and strength, into a cell that can detain a handful of creatures; herbivores have advantage when trying to escape.
24 Kale Mary A spell of last resort, pounds target area with a debilitating kale storm for 15 minutes.
25 Kegplant Target eggplant spouts a spigot which pours a fantastic sour ale, unending supply lasts for 24 hours.
26 Kyoho Ho Ho Grapes Enchants a bunch of Kyoho grapes to cause uncontrollable laughter in anyone who eats them
27 Lemon, Aide! The caster shouts these words into the air, and life hands them a lemon, which somehow provides them the exact assistance they require.
28 Lettuce Pray Holding a head of lettuce above their head, the caster instills a sense of calm religious wonder in a crowd
29 Lime After Lime The caster can pull up to 2d100 limes from their pocket or other small space, one after another.
30 Lime Light Target lime emits a strong, green tinted light.
31 Lock and Kiwi Pressing a kiwi into a lock, it transforms into the necessary key
32 Melondramatic Target melon gains sentience, speech, extreme emotions and a desire for attention.
33 Not Mushroom in Here Slowly fills a contained space (such as a closet, room or vehicle) entirely with mushrooms of all known (and undiscovered) varieties. Mix of beneficial, poisonous, and benign.
34 Orange You Glad to See Me? Target becomes very glad to see you.
35 Peach Impediment Target cannot speak, because now their mouth is full of delicious peaches.
36 Pear Down Enchants a pear so that when it is eaten, the eater also loses skin, muscle, blood, etc.
37 Pepper Spray Caster emits a spray of d66 ripe, whole peppers that are either: 1) painfully spicy, 2) pleasantly sweet, 3) quite mild.
38 Plum the Depths Target plum becomes hollow and transparent, expanding to a size that can contain the caster and one other creature, who are able to use the plum as a submersible.
39 Pomegranite Target pomegranate explodes violently, turning its seeds (now made of solid granite) into deadly shrapnel.
40 Potatoestoes Target’s toes become potatoes.
41 Potatose Enchants a potato; anyone who eats it slips into a coma lasting d6 days, emerging with absolutely knowledge of all things related to potatoes.
42 Pumpkinship All pumpkins and other gourds within 25 feet of the caster sprout arms and legs and will do the bidding of the caster, whom they see as a long lost cousin.
43 Rutabad Grandma Transforms target into a very old and very grumpy rutabaga grandma.
44 Scarrot The caster holds up a carrot; anyone viewing the carrot sees it not as a carrot but as their worst nightmare.
45 Tear Down this Walnut! Shouting this phrase at a wall while throwing a walnut at it, the caster summons a mob of people who dismantle the wall, while the wall’s keepers look on, unable to intervene.
46 That’s the Last Strawberry! This vile curse causes a target strawberry to be the last strawberry that will ever be available in the region, and/or the last strawberry the eater will ever enjoy.
47 The Leek Shall Inherit the Earth Enchants a basket of leeks; those who consume the leeks instantly gain massive social, political and economic capital and status.
48 Tomatoestoes Target’s toes become tomatoes
49 Tomatose Enchants a tomato; anyone who eats it slips into a coma lasting d6 days, emerging with absolutely knowledge of all things related to tomatoes.
50 Turnip the Heat Target turnip emanates an earthy heat, able to warm up a small room for 24 hours.
51 Turnip the Jams Target turnip turns into a very loud, very bass-y speaker, bumping some serious jams.
52 Zoocchini Target zucchini splits open an 2d6 random zoo animals pour out and expand into their full sizes.