Earth 2020X Items

This page catalogs an expanding collection of items created using the Earth 2020X process and playlists. Have you created your own? Send it to us.

Item descriptions come from an AI interpreting Spotify song titles as actual things that must exist on Earth.

Generally, assume an item adds a +1 bonus to rolls associated with it. Make up other uses and effects as desired in discussion with your gamerunner.

Items Playlist

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# Item Description
1 Liberty bell A small handbell that, when sounded, kindles an overwhelming desire for freedom in all who hear it. The strength of their desire inspires them to overcome any current challenges to their freedom, however extreme.
2 Sleep TV Seemingly normal TV that, when watched for five minutes, causes a deep, undisturbable sleep for eight hours, during which the sleeper dreams of bizarre reality shows.
3 Stolen moments Surreptitiously taken pictures of points in time, which cause them to vanish from the memory of those who experience them. Destroying the picture releases the moment back to the participants. Highly illegal, extremely valuable, massively traded on the dark web.
4 Harmonizer Small, silver, two-pronged device. Adjusting the prongs to point at two different targets brings them into perfect harmony; works on sound, emotions, matter, biology, laws of physics, beliefs, etc. Cannot be created or destroyed.
5 Dragonflies to sew you up Painful but effective tool for quickly stitching up wounds; used by field medics and country doctors, abused by criminals and performance artists.
6 Time trap When triggered or fallen into, catches the victim in an infinitely repeating five-second loop. Can be manufactured to look like anything, frequently disguised as common objects.
7 Tiger chain A long, thin, lightweight but extremely strong chain that, when placed around any living creature, turns them into a tiger (barely, resentfully obedient).
8 Liquid summer Restorative elixir, smells like thunderstorms and cut grass, tastes like a first kiss. When consumed, it generates warmth, nostalgia and a subtle desire to lay on the ground, closed eyes to the sun.
9 Hypnocurrency Tokens of exchange that evoke intense desire and hypnotize the viewer into believing that they are real. In other words, money.
10 Supernovacane Local reverse-hyper-anasthetic. The recipient feels everything surrounding them, intensely, gaining a preternatural sense of their environment and time. Can be used for everything from detecting developing thunderstorms days in advance to foretelling tomorrow’s closing stock market numbers.
11 Ash/black veil Loose, black full body veil made of barely together ash. Allows the wearer to walk somewhat safely through the land of the dead and see the spirits of the deceased walking among the living.
12 Fight milk Imbues the drinker with strength, courage and an overwhelming desire for physical combat. Also builds healthy bones.
13 Ruler of everything A ruler that can perfectly measure anything, of any size or scale.
14 Wolf piss Exactly what it sounds like. Used to mark territory and repel attacks territory when passing through wolf-prone areas.
15 BOOTY MACHINE 3d printer that quickly fabricates fake, but slightly convincing treasure out of plastic. Anyone given the treasure must test Luck (or Skill for enemies), or believe that it’s real.
16 Ghost-Tape No. 9 Long-sought-after iteration of the long-running Ghost-Tape series, known for its enhanced multi-dimensional stickiness for trapping or restraining ghosts in other planes. Also, smells of almonds and citrus when applied.
17 Champagne smoke A bottle of bubbly smoke, often uncorked to inhale on special occasions, causing mild intoxication and telempathy. The label only applies to smoke created on the effervescent plane of Champagne; otherwise, known as “sparkly vapor.”
18 Bone chain A long, thin, lightweight but extremely strong chain that, when placed around any object, turns it into a bone .
19 Angels trumpet Small brass horn of the semi-divine. When sounded, n-dimensional psychosonic vibrations shake the sub-structure of creatures and objects in the vicinity, probing for weakness. Words fail, buildings crumble, the ground opens wide.
20 Snake wand A simple, thin wooden wand that, when thrown to the ground, becomes a normal snake (damage as Small Beast).
21 Paper castles Small, yet intricate and expansive castles made entirely of paper. Peering inside, one sees a fully functional castle with inhabitants, decor, food, festivities and intrigue. All made of paper.
22 Light armour Prismatic light surrounding the wearer, simultaneously particle and wave, liquid (when moving, +1 Armor) and crystalline (when defending, +2 Armor). Others cannot stare directly at the wearer. Lights up the surrounding area up to 15 feet. Periodically needs recharging by absorbing sunbeams or other starlight.
23 Death’s Door A single use object, these highly prized portals allow a single Death to pass through (either coming or going). Folds down into a small parcel, unfolds and sticks to a solid vertical surface (size as regular door).
24 Sex emoji Ubiquitous across every known sphere, these small, pixelated, sentient digital icons act as familiars for individuals attempting to mate. Questionable efficacy.
25 Spine of God Nerve conduit from God’s brain to the rest of God’s body. Used to control physical functions from an abstracted electrico-chemical command center. If the Spine of God is seen in the world, this proves that God is spineless. If the Spine of God has not been seen, this proves nothing.
26 One way mirror When flashed at a target, casts it irretrievably into a mirror dimension. Best left covered.
27 Trippy green skull A coin-sized jade skull pin, that, when placed on a target’s clothing, causes them to have immense difficulty walking.
28 Mega Guillotine 2020 Damage as 2,020 Knives. Takes d100+66 workers to operate. Only works on the ultrarich.
29 Rainbow badge Documentation of authority in all known and potential colors and hues. Flashing the badge to an authority figure will synchronize to the color of their authority and they will grant you entrance or otherwise treat you as a member of the authority,
30 The Flower Called Nowhere It’s a flower. It’s called “Nowhere.” It doesn’t exist anywhere. No one knows what it is for or what it does.
31 Psycho sushi Sushi-shaped sushi-stuff made with all manner of ingredients, edible and inedible. Laced with stimulants and occasionally hallucinogens.
32 Disco glove Large prismatic glove. Gentle hum, semi-erotic vibration. The wearer can snap their fingers to cause everyone in the vicinity to start disco dancing.
33 The Eel Pot A pot that contains an inifite supply of eels. 3-in-6 chance an eel is edible. 1-in-6 chance it’s electric. 1-in-20 chance it’s the herald of an eldritch Eel God.
34 All-seeing eye Normal looking eye except for constant rapid blinking and chaotic scanning and rolling. When implanted in the place of a normal eye, provides ability to see literally everything. This can be pretty overwhelming.
35 Archive 7 Contains all knowledge of anything to do with the number 7. 1-in-7 chance to retrieve useful information.
36 Mouth of God Floating human mouth, spouting wisdom and/or nonsense, claiming to be the One True Divinity. 1-in-6 chance of getting some sort of wisdom, insight or spiritual peace when conversing with the Mouth. Feeding the Mouth small bits of fruit and nuts will endear it to you, causing it to follow you around, constantly chattering. Feed the Mouth burnt human flesh to get a 1-in-10 chance that the Mouth will smote a target, righteously.