Earth 2020X Spells

This page catalogs an expanding collection of Troika! spells created using the Earth 2020X process and playlists. Have you created your own? Send it to us.

Spell descriptions come from an AI interpreting Spotify song titles as actual spells that are cast by wizards on Earth.

Loosely described, spell costs are listed for Troika, and some Troika-specific mechanical effects provided for some spells.

As always, make up other uses and effects as desired in discussion with your gamerunner. If your system allows it, the caster can expend resources to increase the effect, duration, range, etc of a spell.

Spells Playlist

(Embed is limited to 100 songs; go to the playlist for the full selection)


# Spell Effect
1 Wave of Babies (2) The caster waves at the target in a friendly, innocent, and utterly adorable manner; the target perceives the wave as coming from a beautiful baby, and is overcome with affection for the caster and will do their best to please them for a few minutes.
2 Sun Hands (4) The caster’s hands become Sun Hands, casting the blinding light of the sun in all directions and emitting incinerating heat (2d6 burn) onto anything the caster touches. The caster is generally fine, but receives a strong sunburn on any exposed flesh.
3 Phantom Embrace (2) The caster peers into the mind of a target human to discover a deceased person whom the target dearly misses. The target will then feel the invisible, yet tactile presence of that person embracing them for 5 minutes, causing them to release their pent-up grief and achieve a few minutes of complete peace on this earth.
4 Create Nothing (6) The caster points at a spot within 100 feet and makes a cutting motion with their hand. An ultra-black sphere about one foot in diameter appears for about 15 seconds. Those within 10 feet test their Luck (or Skill for Enemies) or get pulled into the sphere and disappear completely.
5 Drop Your Guns (2) Anyone within visual or auditory range of the caster immediately drops their guns. For 10 minutes, any attempt to pick the guns back up causes violent convulsions and uncontrollable weeping.
6 More Flowers (1) Creates many more flowers where there are already some flowers. The caster chooses 1) more of the same flowers or 2) more, different flowers.
7 Raining Teeth (2) Causes a downpour of teeth, from all manner of species, in all sizes and sharpnesses. Anyone caught in the open takes d6 damage. After the deluge, players may test Luck to find rare and valuable teeth (gold, dinosaur, celebrity, alien, etc) on the ground.
8 Ghost Wail (1) Causes loud, spooky, but basically harmless ghost wailing to come from all directions.
9 Watch the Sun (3) For 5 minutes, the caster can stare directly at the sun without causing any damage to their eyes (or visual apparatus). They can see, understand and describe things about the sun (and other stars) that others have never seen.
10 Max Lush (2) Scans the local environment and determines the maximum amount of vegetation possible, and rapidly increases the lushness to that level. Lasts for 15 minutes, after which the extra vegetation begins to wilt and decay.
11 Pattern Doubt (2) The caster paints a hypnotizing and confusing pattern on a surface. Anyone viewing the pattern is struck by debilitating doubt for 15 minutes.
12 Kids (2) The caster summons d6+1 kids to surround, distract, and generally pester the target for 15 minutes or until placated. The age of the kids summoned is d6+5. On a failed casting, the kids surround the caster instead.
13 Dance or Die (4) As long as the caster looks at the target and repeats the curse “dance or die”, the target must keep dancing. If the target stops dancing, they lose 3d6 Stamina per round.
14 Witch Slap (IOU) (4) The caster directs an invisible witch hand to slap the target at some point in the future, at the caster’s choice. The witch slap comes quickly out of nowhere, causing 2d6 damage and stunning the target.
15 Smoke Signals (2) The caster temporarily gains the ability to smoke signals, inhaling them deeply and gaining a stronger understanding of their meaning and origin. If the signal is coded, smoking it effectively uncodes it, and the caster can blow an elaborate smoke cipher that will allow others to interpret signals similarly encoded. Repeated use of this spell is addictive.
16 Little Memory (1) Inserts a small, seemingly insignificant memory in the mind of the target.
17 Witness Trees (2) Caster can telepathically connect with trees anywhere in the world, using them as witnesses for their surroundings. Knowledge imparted is incomplete, in the language of trees.
18 Soft Spot (2) Attuned with softness, the caster can discover or create a soft spot in otherwise hard or impenetrable substances, emotions or beliefs.
19 Flow State (2) Creates a state of flow in something solid. Caster can expend additional stamina to increase area, duration or impact of the effect.
20 Triple Dog Dare (2) Summons a massive three headed dog that is d3: 1 obedient to the caster, 2 aloof, 3 hostile to the caster (damage as Large Beast)
21 Feel Nothing (1) Target loses all sense of feeling (caster’s choice of physical or emotional) for 1d6 days. Target can ignore the effects caused by loss of Stamina for the duration. When the spell ends, all lost Stamina hits the target instantly.
22 Higher Ground (2) The caster points at an area within range and a target; the area becomes higher ground relative to the target, with all the tactical advantages that entails.
23 Heavy Rain (2) A massive downpour erupts in the immediate vicinity. Anyone exposed must test Luck (or Skill for Enemies) or be swept away. The rain feels strangely heavy.
24 Abyss Mouth (3) The target’s mouth becomes a mouth-shaped window into The Abyss for 5 minutes, during which time the caster can converse with Abyssal Beings, asking questions, checking in, offering advice, begging for support, etc.
25 You Are Now Under Our Control (5) The caster’s voice booms this statement, and all enemies within earshot believe it for five minutes, and will obey the caster’s commands. After five minutes the targets snap out of it, righteously pissed.
26 Circle of Hands (2) Summons a floating, spinning circle of 3d6 hands, each of which is a nearly perfect replication of the caster’s hands. Each of the hands can do the things that hands can normally do, but must remain roughly in a circular form. Lasts for 5 minutes.
27 Flesh without Blood (2) Target biological entity is immediately drained of all blood (or equivalent life-fluid), becoming instantly dessicated. Caster gains d3 Stamina and loses d3 Luck.
28 Talk to the Lord (2) The caster is able to open a brief, direct connection with (a/the) Lord, during which they can ask a single question. A successful casting grants a useful answer, failure results in a cryptic message that causes semi-crippling confusion and doubt for d3 days.
29 Make Time (2) The caster inserts 10 minutes of extra time into the local spacetime continuum, either immediately before the current moment, or immediately after. If inserted before the current moment, the caster and those they choose can rewind time to 10 minutes in the past. If inserted after the present moment, they essentially gain 10 minutes of time.
30 Internal Rain (1) The caster creates a downpour inside a sealed space such as a building, vehicle, room, or other space in which rain should not naturally occur.
31 Constant Reminder (2) The caster whispers a short reminder to the wind, nodding in the direction of the target. For the next d3 days, the target will hear the reminder every five minutes.
32 Rabbit Hole (2) The caster creates a subtle suggestive topic in a conversation with the target. For the next five minutes, the target goes deeper and deeper into the topic and cannot talk about or do anything else. There’s a 1-in-6 chance the target reveals something interesting or useful about the topic. On a failed roll the caster is caught in the rabbit hole with the target.
33 Vibe Check (1) By opening themselves up to the subtle social-emotional vibrations of an adjacent room or area, the caster can psychically discern the general disposition and intent of its inhabitants.
34 Surface-to-Air Whistle (2) With a melodic whistle, the caster propels a target surface into the air along with any objects or inhabitants currently residing on it. As long as the caster is whistling, the surface accelerates higher into the air. When the caster stops, the surface falls rapidly back to earth.
35 No Mask (1) Where once there was a mask, now there is no mask. Works on masks of all shapes and sizes, both material and metaphorical.
36 90-Mile Water Wall (3) Caster summons a wall of water that is either 90 miles tall or 90 miles wide. The height is about 2d6 times the height of the caster, and lasts for 10 minutes.
37 A/B Futures (3) The caster can conduct a rapid A/B optimization test on a decision or action in the immediate future. The caster shouts “A!” then describes one possible course of action; then, shouts “B!” and describes an alternate action. On a successful casting, a voice shouts out the correct option, which immediately happens. On a failed casting, both courses of action happen simultaneously and cause all sorts of spacetime shenanigans.
38 Bloom at Night (2) All diurnal flowers in a 1-mile radius of the caster burst into full bloom. Can be cast the day before.
39 Fear Your Mind (2) For five minutes, the target is struck by extreme paranoia and debilitating doubt as they begin to question and fear the workings of their own mind.
40 Reverse Fall (1) While falling, the caster may reverse their fall, returning rapidly to the spot where the fall began.
41 Dry the Rain (1) Causes all traces of rain in the caster’s vicinity to vanish completely, as if it had never rained at all.
42 Cough Up Cherries (2) The target coughs up a bountiful amount of perfectly ripe cherries for five minutes. The cherries are the most delicious cherries ever. On a failed roll, the target still coughs up cherries, but they won’t be ripe for a few days.
43 Inside Out (4) Target object or entity is turned inside out; previously internal items or organs are still intact and functional.
44 Full Panther (2) Caster transforms into a panther for 5 minutes (damage as Large Beast).
45 All Gates Open (3) All gates within one mile of the caster are immediately opened. Works on physical, metaphysical, databased, and emotional gates.
46 BLACKOUT (3) All electrical objects or entities in the caster’s vicinity shut off as if their power source has gone down. Lasts for five minutes.
47 Army of Me (3) The caster summons 3d6 copies of themself, all of whom can act in concert with one explicit objective (e.g. swarm an enemy, destroy an object, etc). Vanish into whisps of smoke in five minutes. On a failed casting, the copies still appear, but cause all kinds of shenanigans.
48 Walls of Sound (3) The caster creates up to four walls of sound, intangible but with deafening, pulsing, disorienting effects. Any creature caught in a wall of sound (or passing through one) loses two Stamina. On a critical failed casting, the wall of sound is localized within the caster’s auditorynerve network for one day, during which they can hear nothing else.
49 Disconnect (1) The caster can disconnect any one thing from any other thing(s) to which it is bound.
50 Footworkin on Air (1) Caster floats up to 10 feet in the air, but can only perform rapid and complex footwork dance moves for the duration (up to 5 minutes).
51 Counterspell (1) The caster summons a sprite that will keep count of a specific item or sequence for the caster, lasts until dismissed. The caster may have up to three counters at the same time. On a failed casting, a dark sprite hovers behind the caster for a day, intoning a countdown of some impending doom.
52 Everything is Free (3) For five minutes, everything is free, for all, and freely and generously given.
53 Unravel (2) Causes target woven thing to unravel, applies to physical items such as scarves as well as metaphysical objects like stories, lies, illusions, false identities, etc.
54 Breathing Earth (1) Caster gathers a handful of earth and breathes it in; after holding the breath deeply and thinking of a question about the surrounding area, the caster exhales the answer. On a failed casting, the inhaled earth is permanently within the caster.
55 Enter the Machine (2) The caster can enter any machine, their size and form altering as necessary to allow them to do so. While inside the machine, the caster can attempt to understand and/or alter its workings.
56 Knock Knock (2) Summons an invisible sprite that will knock on a door, compelling the inhabitant on the other side to ask “who’s there?” The sprite will then tell a knock knock joke; the inhabitant has no choice but to play along. Process repeats for ten minutes.
57 Friendly Fire (2) Summons 2d6 fire sprites that will obey simple commands and attack enemies, but will not harm allies (damage as Small Beast, burn)
58 A Tooth for an Eye (2) The caster pulls a tooth out of their mouth and places it somewhere on their body, where it dissolves and is replaced by a fully functional additional eye that lasts for the rest of the caster’s life. A critically failed casting summons a very pissed off tooth fairy.
59 Bubbles (2) Creates massive floating bubbles that cannot be popped from the outside or inside. Bubbles can surround and transport objects or entities, willing or otherwise.
60 House of Cards (3) The caster taps a deck of cards three times; taking the cards out and tossing them into the air causes them to form into a full-sized house with 2d6 rooms.
61 Data Kiss (2) The caster can send or receive an unlimited amount of data in a single kiss (with a person, creature or data system).
62 Total Darkness (2) Creates a patch of total darkness that lasts for five minutes. Nothing within the patch can be seen or detected by any instruments, perceptions or supernatural means. Nothing within the patch can see or perceive anything.
63 Open Flame (2) The caster orders a flame to open, allowing the caster and those with them to pass into and through it unharmed. By spending one Stamina for each additional person, the caster can choose for the travellers to emerge from another flame within one mile.
64 Show Yourself (1) The caster demands that an entity that is hiding show themself. On a failed casting, the hiding entity gets more deeply hidden and insults the caster, hurting their feelings.
64 Sidewalk (1) The caster can walk up the sides of buildings and other vertical surfaces as if they were the ground. Spend one Stamina to bring along another entity.
65 Feel the Same (2) The caster points at two target entities, causing one of them to feel the same as the other for ten minutes. One of the entities can be the caster.
66 Ghostride (1) Summons a ghost that can be ridden.
67 Bloody Rainbow (1) Creates a massive rainbow, that appears as a normal rainbow at first, but on closer examination, is bleeding in all colors.
68 Choose Me (2) When the target must make a choice between individuals, the caster is chosen.
69 Speak with the Dead (2) The caster can have a conversation with the dead, maintained as long as they keep contact with the remains of the deceased or one of their possessions.
70 Ball of Confusion (2) Summons a giant ball that floats and bounces around and utterly confuses all who see it.
71 Ask the Magic 8 Ball (1) The caster summons an old magic 8-ball and can shake it and ask one simple question. 3-in-6 chance of getting a correct, and useful answer. Otherwise, the display is broken or gets stuck between two answers.
72 Stuck on Repeat (2) Target gets stuck in a 5-10 second time loop for 15 minutes.
73 Install:Happy (2) Interacting with any computer or AI system, the caster can install a program that makes it generally happy and willing to comply with the caster’s requests.
74 Smell Memory (1) Gently sniffing a target’s hair, the caster can access one of the target’s most powerful memories.
75 Circle of Swords (3) Summons a floating, spinning circle of 3d6 swords that obeys the caster’s commands. Each of the swords can do the things that swords can normally do, but must remain roughly in a circular form. Lasts for 5 minutes.
76 Command Z (3) Undoes the target’s previous action.
77 Stop Thinking (About Me) (3) Erases all memory of the caster from the target’s mind, and blocks the target’s ability to think about the caster in the future.
78 #Mindcontrol (3) Creates a popular hashtag with the power to compel individuals to do something, e.g. “#smash_capitalism”. The hashtag is amplified by 3d666 social media influencers.
79 Everything in its right place (3) All objects in the caster’s immediate vicinity return to their appropriate locations.
80 Stepping into tomorrow (3) Caster can temporarily step into the next day. 1-in-6 chance that the caster can prepare, place or alter something in the future.
81 Mirage of Night Sky (2) Creates a compelling illusion that it is night; caster can choose which view of the night sky to present, such as the Southern Hemisphere in early winter.
82 Sleep Well Beast (2) Places a beast into a long, deep, and peacful slumber during which it dreams beautiful dreams.
83 Carbon Copy (2) Creates an exact replica of a person, creature or object, with the exception that it’s two-dimensional and kind of inky.
84 Back for More (3) The caster can Instantly re-appear in a conflict from which they have been forcibly ejected and badly damaged. Return at full Stamina, with an attitude.
85 No Limit (2) Where once there was a limit, now there is no limit. Works on limits of all kinds, both material and metaphorical.
86 Mothercreep (2) Caster assumes the form of the target’s mother, but twisted, evil and dark. Can creep up right behind the target without being detected.
87 Sinking Feeling (1) Target is overwhelemed with the feeling that they are sinking, even though, in fact, they are not.
88 Tangle Formations (2) Target formation or other construction gets completely tangled. Takes 3d6 days to untangle.
89 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (1) Appearing out of thin air: Snow. Holly. Singing. Kids. Skating. Hot cocoa. Lights. Ornaments. Presents. Etc.
90 Slow Motion Detonation (2) Causes target to explode very, very slowly.
91 Wave of Change (3) All coins within 1 mile of the caster free themselves from the pockets, purses and banks in which they are stored and form a massive wave that surges towards a point determined by the caster.
92 Pause + Reset (4) Caster stops time and can rewind up to five minutes to reset the situation to its previous state. 1-in-6 chance that time resumes with slight reality distortion.
93 Let There Be Light Again (2) Reignites a light that has previously been extinguished.
94 Flowering Dimensions (1) Creates a local confluence of d6+3 dimensions which combine and bloom into a prismatic flower, with the colors, aromas, formations, laws of biology and physics, and psycho-medicininal properties of its origin dimensions.
95 Open the Light (2) Target source of light is opened, allowing the caster to peer and/or pass through.
96 Changing Faces (2) Swaps the faces of two target creatures, lasts for 15 minutes. If both parties consent, the change can be permanent.
97 Triangle Cloud (1) Summons a large, dense, triangle-shaped cloud that hovers direcly above the caster or another target for one hour.
98 Strange Overtones (2) Enchants the caster’s voice to create strange harmonics and overtones as they speak or sing, causing confusion and wonder in all who hear.
99 Weak Spot (1) Identify the weak spot in any creature, item, system, situation, argument, belief system, etc.
100 100 Boyfriends (2) Summons 100 boyfriends to do the caster’s bidding for 5 minutes.
101 Ecstasy (Over & Over) (1) Target is overwhelmed by waves of absolute ecstasy that repeat every minute for 15 minutes.
101 Into a Circle (2) The caster can immediately appear in any circle regardless of distance or physical obstacles.
102 Color of the Pool (1) Any of amount of contained liquid becomes the color desired by the caster.
103 Beast Mode (2) Target becomes nigh-invulnerable and able to accomplish astonishing feats for 15 minutes.
104 Tether (1) Creates an invisible, unbreakable tether between two objects until dismissed by the caster.
105 Still Light (1) Stops any moving lights.
106 Make Room (2) Creates a room immediately adjacent to the room the caster currently occupies; the room fits within the overall architecture and theme of the building, and all others believe the room has always been there. 3-in-6 chance that there is something immediately useful to the caster in the room
107 Superblast! (2) Knocks down and stuns everyone in a half-mile radius, including the caster.
108 Say Something (1) Compels a target to say something somewhat relevant to the conversation at hand, even if it’s not exactly what the caster was asking for.
109 Get Older (1) Ages the target d6 years.
110 Demon Dance (2) Summons 2d6 demons from an infernal dance party; the demons: 1) keep dancing and don’t seem to notice. 2) notice observers and pull them into the dance. 3) notice their new surroundings and are really, really pissed
111 Cloud into River (2) Pulls a cloud down from the sky and transforms it into a river.
112 Hell Strike (1) Target is struck by a terrifying, debilitating vision of hell, in which they seem themselves undergoing eternal torment. The vision may or may not be true.
113 Scorpion Breath (1) Caster’s next exhalation is full of dry heat, grainy sand and aerosolized scorpion venom.
114 Open Eye Signal (2) The caster can send a brief signal to any open eye or eyes, regardless of time or distance.
115 Strange Attractors (2) Target object begins attracting another type of object rapidly and violently, as if compelled by an overwhelming magnet force.
116 Copycat (1) Creates a perfect copy of target cat, down to its personality and memories.
117 Actions Speak (1) A loud voice begins narrating all the actions that a target does.
118 Press Start (2) A start button appears on any vehicle, object, system or process that needs to be started. The caster can press the button to get it to start.
119 Slip Away (2) The caster can just, kind of, you know, ease on out of a situation, pretty much unnoticed.
120 More of the Same (2) Creates some more of something.
121 Angel Eyes (1) Caster’s eyes enlarge, go all white and glow with an intense energy,
122 Hellmouth (1) Caster gives their mouth over to a demon for 5 minutes, during which time the demon can say whatever they feel like saying (cursing humanity, booming out omens, begging for forgiveness, revealing secrets, etc). The demon can also hear anything the caster could hear.
123 Blur (1) Blurs the view or details of something.
124 Coming Soon (1) Target has a vague but urgent and palpable sense that something is coming soon. Caster can specify whether that is a good or bad something.
125 Spitting Image (1) Caster can spit out an image that perfectly portrays something down to the tiniest detail. This can be something the caster has seen before, or something just described to them.
126 Panic Attack (1) Caster gives themself a panic attack, which sucks for the caster, but shocks those around and overwhelms them with concern for the caster.
127 Up in Smoke (1) Caster suddenly and rapidly ascends in a plume of smoke.
128 Water (1) Caster can produce enough water to hydrate a small plant or creature.
129 Feel the Way I Want (1) Target creature feels the way the caster wants them to feel, for 15 minutes.
130 Twitch (1) Target twitches uncontrollably for 5 minutes.
131 Never Ending Game (3) Enchants target game so that anyone who begins playing can never stop.
132 Twist N Shout (2) Target begins twisting their body in seemingly impossible ways, and hurling obscenities and curses.
133 Bloodcount (1) Caster discerns the exact volume of blood in target creature, blood type, and count of red blood cells.
134 Twin Flame (1) Creates a paired, twin flame of another flame anywhere in the world.
135 Sing Praise (1) The caster sings a song of praise for target creature, which is convinced of the caster’s utter devotion and loyalty.
136 Meltdown (1) Target has a debilitating emotional meltdown.
137 Brutal Truth (2) The caster gains knowledge of a truth so brutal it will paralyze the target; they can use that truth however they see fit.
138 Vomitself (3) The target painfully vomits up a tiny version of itself, which is dazed, confused, and utterly defenseless for 1d4 rounds. Damage inflicted upon the tiny self is magnified 4-fold onto the original target. Stats for the tiny self are 1/4 of the original target.
139 Illusion of Forever (1) Target area appears to all observers to extend forever, e.g. a pit is infinitely deep, a mirror infinitely reflective, a distance between two points insurmountably far.
140 Tangled Up in Blue (1) Target is surrounded by a hazy blur of blue, tangible light, inextricably tangled up for 1d4 rounds.
141 Back to Black (2) The caster can back into a shadow and reappear out of another shadow up to d6 miles away.
142 Self-Immolate (3) Caster’s body explodes into dancing flame, incinerating their clothing and anything flammable attached to them, but leaving their body unharmed. Lasts for 5 minutes. Unarmed attacks by the caster cause 2d6 burn damage.
143 Missile Command (2) Caster can alter the direction, speed, trajectory etc of a missile or other ranged weapon.