4d20 Character Generators

Quick character seeds from various lyrical worlds.

Roll 4d20 and use in the system of your choice.

Create your own and send it to us! (We’ll put it up on the site and attribute your contribution).

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Kicker of Elves illustration by Evlyn Moreau

(Illustration of Guided by Voices table by Evlyn Moreau)

  1. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  2. Aesop Rock
  3. Guided by Voices
  4. Death Grips (by spooky jaguar)
  5. Deerhoof
  6. IDLES (by charvus)
  7. Joanna Newsom
  8. Dan Deacon
  9. Yes (by Kakashi)
  10. Genesis (by Kakashi)
  11. Jethro Tull (by Kakashi)
  12. Gorillaz (by KrilltheKill)
  13. Frank Ocean
  14. Björk

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Roll 4d20. This is you. Happy voyaging.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Sleep Drifter Cut the skin and bend the truth Gamma knife Invisible face
2 Boogieman Sam Tainted voodoo Cellophane Eyes like the sky
3 Mr. Beat Become a butterfly Paper mache dream balloon Black tooth
4 People-Vulture Out of body experiences Black tooth Stoned mullet
5 Organ Farmer Evil death roll Hot water Weary feet
6 Lord of LIghtning Fishing for fishies Hot wax Ataraxia
7 Altered Beast 1 Casting black magic Bone Third sleeping eye
8 Altered Me 1 Shape the machine out of clay Honey Dark thoughts
9 Butterfly 3000 Automation Mind fuzz Neck stuck from looking up at the high rise buildings
10 Mystery Jack Catching smoke Black hot soup Cold-blooded
11 Cruel Milennial Self-immolate Vegemite Eyes glazed
12 Headless Guru Superposition Cold cadaver Lightning strikes deep inside digital cells in my mind
13 Dustbin Fletcher Beginner’s luck Dirt A mind made of metal
14 Bloody Ripper Bird song A satellite that orbits your shadow Untouchable
15 Han-Tyumi (the Confused Cyborg) The fourth colour Invisible ball of death Guilty in the first degree
16 Winged Frankenstein Static electricity Pearly guillotine Above the law
17 Morpheus Ontology Holy hands of God Not above the law
18 Rogue Mutant Brain (in a bubble of golden static) Robot stop The Book Conscious yet inadequate
19 Satan (in a cassock) Dreams Bullshit catalyst Childhood tragically ripped from their shaking feet
20 Morpheus Tetrachromacy Guns & horses Born from a test tube

Aesop Rock

Roll 4d20. This is you. Go forth, spirit.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Sun Tzu Occultism Diary of disrepair No shoes no shirt
2 Xerxes Fly with the seraphim Dragon’s claw Gross unholy unloved
3 Saint Vincent de Paul Schmoozing Kabuki hologram Off the grid
4 Beat Cop Hack up bile Icicle dagger Bathed in mood swing
5 Fallen Angel Shoot dice Zeus fist Hollow hands
6 Father Time Make a pipe outta anything Liquid happy citizen enhancer Tongue full of glass
7 Tenderfoot Cadet Reinvent dream application Book of Bitter Aspects Severed vision
8 God Clone Death chant Merit badge Frigid liquid backbone
9 Bill Collector Manufacture medicine Bazooka tooth Comfortably numb
10 Doom Litigant Medusa glances Magic beans Impressive wingspan
11 Prototype King Beserker Sight beyond Mug a frigid, mug a solar Human heart tattoo
12 Syndicate Jackal Broken arrow Sticky panoramic contaminant Phony voice
13 The Ghost of Laika Art fuckery Chain of commands The voice of destroy and rebuild
14 Tabloid Headline with a Pulse Vocoder blitz Uncut chia seed Bleed green
15 Cenobite Pendragon Data entry Crystal sword Wolf’s head, boots on, no bullshit
16 Metal Captain Cryptograms Date vector graphics Stomach full of halo kibbles
17 Cowardly King Deicide Flash bulbs and strobe lights Oozing a brand-new cuneiform
18 Anti-Midas Word murdering Blood sandwich A dozen pair of cartoon eyes
19 Blurry Sasquatch Alley gospel Foie gras bust of Albert Einstein Lazy eye
20 The Impossible Kid Pick apart the pixels Levitating car Christ-pose

Guided by Voices

Roll 4d20. This is you. Gold star for you.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 King Shit Playing solos Subspace biographies Flat beauty
2 Pop Zeus Cigarette tricks Singing razorblade Amplified to rock
3 Psychic Pilot Rooster riding Hermit stew Sad baby eyes
4 Wrinkled Ghost Chicken blows Valuable hunting knife Lips of steel
5 Trendspotter Acrobat Repilian beauty secrets Lip curlers Aerial nostalgia
6 Kicker of Elves Standing still Ambergris Weak flesh
7 Robot Boy Scorched earth Jar of cardinals Hunter complex
8 Hot Freak Don’t stop now Freedom cake Greenface
9 Ex-Supermodel Underwater explosions Pink gun Atom eyes
10 Haircut Sphinx Take to the sky Crunch pillow Bulldog skin
11 Liquid Kid Be the light Evil speakers In stitches
12 Tiny Ape No sky Jellyfish reflector Strumpet eye
13 Creep Doctor Little lines Burning flag birthday suit Born on seaweed
14 Starboy Mushroom art Gun rack Awful bliss
15 Janitor X Optical hopscotch Zoo pie Dines alone
16 Wondering Boy Poet Surgical focus Scary magnets Nothing wrong
17 Matter Eater Lad Wrecking now Devil doll All in silence
18 Volcano Diver Big trouble Fool ticket Bad luck
19 Dr. Genesis Car language The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory Cracked up like the road
20 Girl from the Sun Storm vibrations Pretty bombs Relatively sane

Death Grips (by spooky jaguar)

Roll 4d20. This is you. Beware the guillotine. Yuh.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Thief in da Night Face Melter Rabid dog Crow Skeleton Wings
2 Lord of the Game Counterfeiting Lead pipe You waste your life living in altered states
3 Jenny Death Triflin’ A Jar of Gutter Flies Face of a woman. Tentacles for arms.
4 Lost Boy Sculpting An Enigmatic Onion There’s a python in your belly.
5 Get gotter Shovel Fighting Loose Cigarettes You’ve slapped the moon. Pah Pow Boom
6 Satanic Priestess Rubberized Skin Scalpel Glowing Horns.
7 Anne Bonny Vomit Flies 2d3 Thunder in Vials You know trash. You know clean won’t last.
8 Billy Not Really Head Hunting Polygraph Machine You have a dilemma, but you’ll win your dilemma.
9 Scarecrow Glyph Hissing Trans Am You got beat up, you got bigger.
10 Beyond Alive Creepin’ Pint of Snake Blood Countless Current Identities.
11 The Senile King Taxidermy Jet-pack Golden Teeth.
12 Houdini Surfing Gasoline A Grease Trap Rabbit Ears.
13 BB Poison Saboteur Kevlar Jacket Satan is pleased.
14 Linda Once a day you can duplicate an item and have an exact replica until the next morning. Faucet Full of Acid You keep calling the mothership but they ain’t answering
15 Ex Military Bell Ringer Witch Fur Standing up for yourself is the best feeling you can have, even better than drugs.
16 Jungle Bubble Maker Forensics War Marching drums [Reboot System Now]
17 Little Richard Bombing Caddle Prod You’ve made your beef with discotechs known.
18 Cut Throat Beatdown Psychotropic Steal Trap You just joined the rave scene.
19 Edward Cullen Giving Bad People Good Ideas Witch Tongue You are a machine, human, malformed machine, uninformed unit from a forlorn regime.
20 More Than a Fairy Drunken Fighting on the Dance Floor Motorcyle and a Sleeping Bag You don’t care where you’re from or where you’re going. It’s all about where you’re at.

(by spooky jaguar productions)


Roll 4d20. This is you now. Meet the perfect you.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Criminal of the Dream Slow motion detonation Tiny bubbles Fresh born
2 Plant Thief Believe E.S.P. Wrong time capsule Damaged eyes
3 Baby Boo Manufacturing scarcity Midnight bicycle Model behavior
4 Twin Killers Giga dance Invisible birds Candyhands
5 Panda Panda Panda Spirit ditties of no tone Epic love poem Flaming whiskers
6 Milk Man Unbar ye gates of hell Small axe Purple past
7 Paradise Girl Describe ancient mysteries Plastic thrills Rainbow silhouette
8 Devil and His Anarchic Surrealist Retinue* Fraction anthem Acceptance speech Bone-dry
9 The Last Trumpeter Swan Mountain moves Black pitch Frenzied handsome
10 Future Teenage Cave Artist Sea moves Chandelier searchlight Sunnyside
11 Spirited Deerchild Secret mobilization Jagged fruit Holy night fever
12 Dispossessor God speaking Cast off crown Gold on black
13 The Duck Look away Matchbook Hears echoes
14 Mirror Monster All rise Hot mint air baloon Halfrabbit
15 God 2 Rat attack Chatterbox Halfdog
16 Super Duper Rescue Head Witchery glamour spell New sneakers Halfbird
17 The Galaxist Milking Apple bomb Halfmole
18 Dream Wanderer Do parties Magic star So small
19 Lemon & Little Lemon Tuning a stray Forbidden fruits Trickybird
20 Eye Bright Bugler You can see Xmas tree Despacere

(*) roll on the table d4 times to create your retinue

IDLES (by charvus)

Roll 4d20. This is you now. Laugh. Destroy. Stomp everywhere.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Human Jelly Caduceus Kick Carcinogenic Water Big Mirror of a Smile
2 Person With A Perm Concrete and Leather Hairspray Jaw Like a Fuck-Off Bear Trap
3 Car Crasher False Front Motivational DVDs Loves Holding Hands
4 Catcaller Killer Riding Wave Bag of Michael Keaton Crawls Everywhere
5 Television Destroyer Gyrate Beautifully US Flag Pants Always Dancing
6 Scum Vibrate Eyes Rocket Fuel Cannot Go Slow
7 Mother Freddy Mercury 1d6 Molotovs Laughs at Tyrants
8 Heel Skin is Molotov Sarcasm Amputator Studies Gotho 1649
9 Father Body Full of Pins Cut Down Throne Makes wonderful cookies
10 Model Village Escapee Rollerblade Sword Fight Katana Stomps Everywhere
11 Snowflake Avalanche Spraypaint Friend in Every Dive Bar
12 Sloganeer Middle Finger 6 Cheap Beers Denies All Gods
13 Excommunicated Office Drone Musical Metamorphosis Delay Pedal Always Tagging
14 Blue Blood Vampire Hyper Caring Reigns Never Had A Job
15 Loop Smasher Ballroom Sway Crowbar Raises Sharks
16 Barfight Gladiator Shrug It Off 1d6 Benzocaine Bottles Never Sleeps, Dances
17 Baron-hearted Betrayer Blend In Asteroid Stone Mace Full of Hot Air
18 The Worst Lover Mean Business Rollerblades Natural Winner Despite All Evidence
19 Uniter Cry To Me Snake In Boots Talks to Vultures
20 Rottweiler Arson Newspaper Clippings Attracts Ghosts

(by charvus)

Joanna Newsom

Roll 4d20. This is you now. Sparrow. Monkey. Bear. Restless, drunk and dour.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Midwife Drag a comb through the meadow Bones of the birches Mica-spangled
2 Monkey Skipping little stones Ledger of the names of the stars Dolorous with vines
3 Bear Asterisms in the stars’ set order The Lord’s sword Dumbstruck with the sweetness of being
4 Stable Boy Dirge for the dead Ties that bind (barbed and spined) Restless, aimless, drunk and dour
5 Heartless Hay-monger Spelunking Fancy clothes High-fence, horse-sense, wisdom
6 Sparrow Insatiable shadow Dun-brown gown of fur A-steeped in milk and honey
7 The Happiest Woman Among All Women Hundred raging waters Old kelp dripping with brine Courage of a clown, or a cur or a kite, jerking tight at its tether
8 Sisyphus Systems of strings An apron full of boulders Mute as a rock
9 Spider’s Ghost Warble and rise, like a sparrow A cap fashioned from a page of Camus Cut from cardboard and old magazines
10 Sibyl Sea-Cow Carry water and chop wood Limitless minnows Streaked with soot, heavy-booted and wild-eyed
11 Endless Sleeper Almost-unbearable vision Sawdust and diamonds Pale-faced and grave
12 Wild Cosmia Swallow sadness A little white dove, made with love, made with love;
made with glue, and a glove, and some pliers
Grow evermore lighter and lighter
13 Esme Stutter and freeze Murthering stake Eyes black and shiny as boots
14 Little Life-Giver Karate A bitter herb that blooms but one day a year, by the riverside Only skin
15 Impossible Bird Pray and suspend Candy weighing pockets down Only will speak in code
16 Cassiopeia Prayer for rare grace The right books Smell of a low and of a lazy cinder smoking
17 Endless Toad Fumbling green gentleness An awfully real gun Groping blindly, hungry for anything
18 Lady Bright Fire below and fire above and fire within Light, undiluted Heartbroke and inchoate
19 Three Little Babes Speak my name and I appear Bats bringing night in Water for limbs, fire for hair
20 St. George and the Dragon Dimming divide Dried rose petals Disembodied and dustly

Dan Deacon

Roll 4d20. This is you. Mind on fire, taking it to the max.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Bear with a Sick Band (of ghosts and cats and pigs and bats with brooms and bats
and wigs and rats)
All Light, Everywhere A Leaf That Is Bleeding Slowly Always Running
2 Beast Bee Become a Mountain A Perfect Coat Bees Won’t Leave Me Alone
3 Beastman Become the Ocean (the salt, the sand, the waves) Big Milk Big Teeth
4 Bumble Bee Crown King Burn Bright (the fire inside is brighter than you think) Big Old Bombs Can’t Seem to Escape the Smell of Sea
5 Captain Tying Knots Can See With Eyes Closed Boats Made of Coats Exploded Skin
6 A Crab Twice Your Size Change Your Life Body Camera Ghost
7 The Crystal Cat Climbing into the Night Sky Drums Made of Dragons Hungry for the Future
8 Eddie the Rebel Dig Deep (the water deep down is safe enough to drink) Gliss Riffer Languid and Bittersweet
9 The Expanding Man Dream Audit Loud Loud Gong Mind on Fire
10 The Horse Who Made Believe Feel Free (first you must relax before transcend) Phony Ropes No Prints
11 King of the Trees Feel So Fine Photographic Revolver Not So Brave
12 Lion with a Shark’s Head Feel the Lightning Rat Poison Not Tired
13 Meme Generator Heaven Into Ice Cream Rattlesnake Gun On Fire
14 Mr. Balloon Hands Jurassic Bark Sharp Swords Rubber Toes
15 Mystic Familiar Mighty Roar Some Bees (roll d4 for their mood whenever they are released: (1) Better Off Left Alone (2) Fell Better Off in the Throne (3) Friendly Like You and Me (4) Lazy) Slow Like a Glue
16 Old Owl Rave Sweet Cakes So Lucky
17 One Black Knight Stay Sharp (time will want it smooth around the end) The Best Ohio Smores Ten Thousand Eyes and Four Hundred Hands
18 Paddling Ghost Take it to the Max Tiny Little City There Are Fears I Cannot Face
19 Pink Batman Turn into Crystals Two Might Steeds Wide-eyed
20 Trippy Green Skull Work the Saxophone Wet Wings Wrong So Many Times

Yes (by Kakashi)

Roll 4d20. This is you. Dance through the light, Sound Chaser.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 The Prophet Silent Talking A Venture Does It Really Happen
2 The Messenger Dancing Through the Light Amazing Grace Don’t Kill The Whale
3 Starship Trooper Friend of a Friend Cans and Brahms Every Little Thing
4 Machine Messiah In the Tower Final Eyes I Would Have Waited Forever
5 Holy Lamb Into the Lens Solly’s Beard It’s Over
6 Harold Land Long Distance Runaround Sweet Dreams Leave It
7 Dear Father Perpetual Change Time and a Word Turn of the Century
8 Big Generator Rhythm of Love White Car We Have Heaven
9 Astral Traveller Shock to the System Fist of Fire Let’s Pretend
10 Spirit of Survival Second Attention Birthright We Agree
11 Siberian Khatru Tempus Fugit Miracle of Life Something’s Coming
12 The Fish Shoot High Aim Low The Ladder I’m Running
13 Sound Chaser Magnification Time and a Word Golden Age
14 Roundabout Take the Water to the Mountain Wheels Leave Well Alone
15 The Ancient Giants Under the Sun It Can Happen Nine Voices Believe Again
16 South Side of the Sky I See You Lightning Strikes Life on a Film Set
17 Revealing Science of God Awaken Clear Days Almost Like Love
18 Masquerade Life Seeker Angkor Wat Minus the Man
19 Heart of the Sunrise Future Memories The Western Edge Death of Ego
20 Dreamtime Fly From Here Subway Walls True Beginner

(by Kakashi)

Genesis (by Kakashi)

Roll 4d20. This is you. You seem to have an invisible touch, Watcher of the Skies.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Harlequin Small Talk Burning Rope Image Blown Out
2 Shepherd Chamber of 32 Doors Pigeons Healthaze
3 Watcher of the Skies Misunderstanding Seven Stones A Trick of the Tail
4 Harold the Barrel Dancing With The Moonlit Knight Carpet Crawlers Please Don’t Ask
5 Illegal Alien Feeding the Fire Dodo Counting Out Time
6 Man of Our Times Invisible Touch Evil Jam Get ‘em Out by Friday
7 The Supernatural Anaesthetist Visions of Angels Fading Lights The Serpent
8 Lilywhite Lilith Blood On The Rooftops Silver Rainbow In Too Deep
9 Lurker Uncertain Weather The Last Domino One Man’s Fool
10 Man on the Corner The Raven Cuckoo Cocoon Throwing It All Away
11 Robbery, Assault And Battery Window One-eyed Hound The Serpent
12 Mad Man Moon The Return Of The Giant Hogweed Hairless Heart The Day The Light Went Out
13 The Colony Of Slippermen The Waiting Room Open Door Shipwrecked
14 Mama One for the Vine Fly on a Windshield Many Too Many
15 All In A Mouse’s Night Scenes From A Night’s Dream The Fountain Of Salmacis Stagnation
16 Deep In The Motherlode Riding the Scree The Silent Sun In the Wilderness
17 Duke’s Travels The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging The Musical Box Alone Tonight
18 Eleventh Earl Of Mar Snowbound Time Table Dreaming While You Sleep
19 The Conqueror Driving in the Last Spike The Knife Beloved Summer
20 It Calling All Stations White Mountain Entangled

(by Kakashi)

Jethro Tull (by Kakashi)

Roll 4d20. This is you. Sitting on a park bench.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Saboteur The Witch’s Promise One Brown Mouse Old Ghosts
2 Jack-a-lynn Motoreyes Warm Sporran Ears of Tin
3 Kelpie A Stitch in Time Cup of Wonder Stuck in the August Rain
4 Minstrel In The Gallery Cold Wind To Valhalla Broadsword Thick As A Brick
5 Nursie Summerday Sands A Small Cigar Part Of The Machine
6 Jack In The Green Walk Into Light The Whaler’s Dues Bad—eyed And Loveless
7 Dr. Bogenbroom Dogs In The Midwinter Heavy Horses Man Of Principle
8 Baker Street Muse Strange Avenues Gold—tipped Boots, Black Jacket And Tie Beside Myself
9 Flying Dutchman Fire At Midnight Dangerous Veils Down At The End Of Your Road
10 Pied Piper Old Ghosts Fylingdale Flyer
General Crossing
Glory Row
I Don’t Want To Be Me
11 Crash—barrier Waltzer Sparrow On The Schoolyard Wall North Sea Oil Locomotive Breath
12 Fat Man A Better Moon Rare And Precious Chain White Innocence
13 Seal Driver And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps Moths Wounded, Old And Treacherous
14 Warchild Black Sunday Piece Of Cake Hard Liner
15 Black Satin Dancer Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow Salamander Lap Of Luxury
16 Rosa On The Factory Floor Look At The Animals Uniform Protect And Survive
17 The Whistler Undressed To Kill Big Dipper Too Old To Rock’n Roll Too Young To Die
18 Quizz Kid Wind Up Rocks On The Road Solitaire
19 Cross-Eyed Mary Reasons For Waiting Toad In The Hole This Is Not Love
20 Aqualung Raising Steam The Clasp Occasional Demons

(by Kakashi)

Gorillaz (by KrilltheKill)

Roll 4d20. This is you now. Burning in the sun, missing your homeland, trying to fit in.

  Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 A scary gargoyle on a tower Paralyze dreamers with the nightmares we all keep Rhinestone Eyes Made of Plastic Power
2 A collection of empire ants Little memories marching on Your little feet Soon, like a wave, that pass will fall
3 A broken man with a broken love Recreate entire worlds inside of your world The force between There’s nothing you can say to broke hearted people
4 A whale of the deep dark seas Styrofoam deep sea landfill Casio on a plastic beach Automated computer speech
5 A father in the place you love Fighting for something new Sex and drugs rusting into you No one needs the heart of you
6 A giant disembodied head Hold it down dare A small synth keyboard It feels like you were there yourself
7 Someone who once lived in the foot of a great mountain Live in harmony with the spirit of nature Remains of the spirit of the mountain, Monkey You miss your homeland, now gone forever
8 A wild gunslinger Burning in the sun A gun All you do is dance
9 A cat in a hazmat suit from a melancholy town Turn forever, hand in hand Windmill on a floating island With your sound you kill the Inc.
10 A music magician No sound spell An out of tune bass Magic on you
11 A cameraman Digital won’t let them go A camera You’re not all in this world
12 A tethered man Get the cool shoeshine Lead nike shoe The world is spinning too fast
13 God, King, Murdoc You are God Johny’s corpse Trying to fit in
14 Isolated man Good aim Bechained ball You’re the lonely twin
15 Oscilating man Stimulate the dopamine passing through your head Satelites, passing by Do you look like me?
16 A beautiful person Clap your hands A mansion Kills the vibe due to jealously
17 A sorcerer Cool down Inner vision Struggles holding on
18 Every sound from everyone You can hear it too A new world Everyone is receiving you
19 Tuned into the tomb of Jehova Play your tunes loud enough to shake the room A battering ram Heard the world was ending soon
20 The ghost A charger Grown flowers You want provocative

(by KrilltheKill)

Frank Ocean

Roll 4d20. This is you. Monk, switching worlds, lost in the sweet life.

# Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Super Rich Kid Swim Good Novacane Lost
2 Provider See Both Sides (Like Chanel) Nikes Sweet Life
3 Forrest Gump Self Control Lens Pretty Sweet
4 Good Guy Godspeed Ivy Cayendo (Falling Down)
5 Seigfried Bad Religion White Ferrari Eyes Don’t Shed Tears
6 Pilot Jones End Fertilizer Thinkin’ Bout Forever
7 Monk Fall Into You Not Just Money Cool Enough
8 Shooter Switch Worlds Pink Matter Whole Body See-through
9 Bishop in the City Go to Hell Fighter Jet Got Beaucoup Family
10 Little Virgin Run to the Future Beach House in Idaho Can’t Keep Up a Conversation
11 Sensei Skin Like Bronze Transportation Everybody Needs You
12 Mr. Benjamin March to the Rhythm A Quaalude Stressed Out
13 Hemingway Freeze Smoke Rings Marijuanna Self Made Millionaire
14 A Thief Stealth Six Discs Sounds Make You Cry
15 Cleopatra See Through Walls Peaches Quiet then Violent
16 The Big Man Prophesy Cotton Candy Bad at Being Good
17 Little Cousin Body-Jump A Clock Working at the Pyramid
18 Little Mermaid Free to Roam A Rusty Revolver Tattoos
19 Punk Madre Glory from Above The Crown of our Pharoah Lungs Sick
20 One of God’s Own Prototypes Cannonball Cymbals Don’t Like to Fight ‘Til I’m Fighting


Roll 4d20. All is full of love. You’ll be taken care of. Go forth, moon, saint, dark matter hollow with crystalline wanderlust.

# Background Abilities Items Quirk
1 Hunter Army of me Headphones Wanderlust
2 Stonemilker It’s oh so quiet Quicksand Crystalline
3 Claimstaker Courtship History of Touches Hollow
4 Venus as a Boy Utopia Sharing orb Pneumonia
5 Beautiful Mother Future forever Dark matter So broken
6 Earth Intruder Tabula rasa Car parts, bottles and cutlery Humble
7 Bachelorette Notget Pearl Immature
8 Pluto Undo Ambergris All neon like
9 Silver Fox Scatterheart Holographic entrypoint Sun in my mouth
10 Murmuring Drone Lionsong Mouths cradle Violently happy
11 No Animal Atom dance An echo, a stain Big time sensuality
12 A Lover Alone Mouth mantra Anchor song Like someone in love
13 Pagan Poet Thunderbolt Hyperballad Biophilia
14 The Moon Pagan poetry Sonic branches State of emergency
Is where I want to be
15 The Continent Declare independence Everlasting necklace You’ll be given love, you’ll be taken care of
16 Virus Where is the line Mutual core Wicked sense of humour
17 The Gate Triumph of a heart Every single archive I imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks
18 Bird species never seen or heard before Cocoon A ball of yarn The beautifullest, fragilest, still strong, dark and divine
19 Saint Crystallizing galaxies Morse coding signals Craving miracles
20 Music Nerd Unravel A hidden place Definitely no logic