Calvin’s Spellbook

Spells described by a 7-year old, transcribed directly by your humble servant. Use with caution.

Periodically updated.

# Spell Effect
1 Corgia All the dogs around you can talk, and they all turn into Corgis.
2 Granny Horrify Every grandma around you turns into a Granny Horror and whaps you in the face with a bat.
3 YouTuberify Turns you into a YouTuber with one billion dollars.
4 Ouchify Target immediately gets a bruise, which is passed on to the next person and the next person and the next person, until everyone in the world has a bruise.
5 Yum Yum Eat anything in your path, digest them and poop them out as their poop form.
6 Ooof Oofs anyone in your path.
7 You’re Next You can cut in line without getting caught by the police.
8 Rootabooshki Turns everything in your path into rutabagas and turnips.
9 Meowmy Meowmy Meowmy Meowmy Meowmy Meowmy Meowmy Meowmy This spell instantly changes everything around you into cats, but you shall fall into the void then. Trust me, this spell is not useful at all unless you want to die, in which case it’s instantly useful. Now you have the ability to die. In your dreams. Because this isn’t real.
10 Meowfur Turns every person around you into a cat, including you.
11 7-Foot Dwayne Summons a giant Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to do your bidding.
12 Amongoose Summons a giant goose in an Among Us costume.
13 Axolotl Questions Everyone tells lots of axolotl jokes; when this effect wears off, everyone turns into axolotls and the world ends
14 Holy Cow Makes cows fall from the sky until the whole world is holy and everyone eats the cows. But sorry, this is not real. IN YOUR DREAMS you can do it, but it won’t ever happen. Maybe once.