4d20 Faction Generator

Roll 4d20 to create a unique faction.

Table elements are song titles. See our Earth 2020X project for more.

  Faction Goals Power Center Assets
1 Lust Riders Escape the system Crumbling castle ULTRAPOP
2 Thousand Hands of God Enter the machine Infinite suburbia Looping state of mind
3 Criminals of the Dream Supreme ascendency The Last Oasis Harmonizer
4 Children of the Wind Ancient energy search Back side of the moon Solid air
5 Blood Hunters Search and destroy Tokyo Sky flowers
6 The Eyes of Pharaoh Astral sabbat The Dead City of Telphar Gospel for a New Century
7 Machine Elves Party on the rooftop Garden of Eden Alpha wheel
8 People of the Light Party in heaven Hall of mirrors Mouth of God
9 Doublethinkers Search and destroy Supermarket Feel good hit of the summer
10 13 Monsters Search for life Ghost town Ghost-tape No. 9
11 Hell Riders Kill the Director Beauty hospital Alien sphere
12 Riders of Vultures Open a window Airplane boneyard Black gold
13 Wolves of Winter Open channels Glow worm cave Tapestry from an asteroid
14 Order of the Golden Dawn Free mind Citadel on a satellite Super drums
15 Quantum Mechanics The melting of the sun Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell The Happiness Machine
16 Knights of the Jaguar Sell art Night Train of Valhalla The Great Chain of Being
17 19 Witches Kill the Medicine Man Outpost Alpha Elephant generators
18 Mindless Ones Jailbreak the Tesla Tone bank jungle 1 billion dogs
19 True Believers Go to the beach Observation station Chaos engine
20 The Warp Riders Enter the chamber Noah’s ark Light-matrix portal